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Independent Candidate

My name is Fiona McAllister and I was elected to be your representative for the Ryrie Ward in the 2012 Yarra Ranges Council Elections. I was then elected Mayor for the 2013/2014 term. I am running again for Council as there is still a lot to achieve and I believe I can continue to represent you well. I live in Healesville with my family. I run my business out of  Healesville and am actively engaged in our community. I am involved in a wide range of community activities.

My business is advising councils across the state to help them ensure good governance and to deliver better outcomes for their communities. My 16 years experience in this area as well as my 4 years on Council means I have a strong knowledge of council systems, finance, and governance and ask the hard questions. I have also seen the best of what local government can achieve in the innovations of other councils and will continue to work to put this knowledge to good use.

I value honesty and openness not promising things I personally can’t deliver but always trying my hardest to make them happen for our communities.

I will continue to deliver results because I am competent and energetic and independent. To date that has included planning reform and improvements, a much needed Structure Plan and Community Plan for Coldstream, funding for many capital and community projects across the valley and support for residents on a huge range of issues every week.

Activities and policies I will continue to influence…

  • Consultation
    Real community engagement and consultation is needed – council action and planning should always start with conversations with all members of our communities, not be an afterthought. [Read more…]
  • Planning Reform
    The planning process at council should be based on commonsense and ensure an achievable and affordable balance between fire safety, amenity, building and planning requirements and environment.[Read more…]
  • Finance & Rates
    The budget for YRC needs to deliver great services, well maintained infrastructure and have money for community priorities. [Read more…]
  • The Right Expenditure Priorities
    Community feedback continues to point to roads, footpaths, parks and playgrounds as being most priorities… [Read more…]
  • Better Bushfire Protection
    I support the right for residents to protect their homes and families and will continue to lead advocacy in this area. [Read more…]
  • Recreation and Inclusion
    Sport and recreation are critical to our community health and well being [Read more…]
  • Learning & Libraries
    Libraries and places of learning are critical to our community, our economy, in supporting local business and youth. [Read more…]
  • Support for Business & Industry
    Support for industry and business is critical to sustaining our community, our economy, our environment.  [Read more…]
Authorised by Bruce Argyle, 36 Old Fernshaw Road, Healesville 3777