Better Expenditure Priorities

Expenditure priorities need to be set by the community which takes us back to the issue of real, genuine consultation. The 2021 Council Plan process is the perfect starting place for this followed by the development of the 2021/2022 budget. Both should happen following extensive conversations with all communities that are listened to and working to a goal of no rate increase.

The starting point has to be real consultation with communities about what is important. This means letting everyone express their views in ways that allow all voices to be heard and listened to. The process followed in Yarra Glen in 2017 that saw community decide on how to spend $1 million from the sale of a community asset has shown us how community can be and should be involved.

And finally just great financial management of expenditure. Strong contract and project management where contracts clearly define performance, stop time and cost blow outs by coming up with ‘cost free’ solutions to deal with issues and good budget management rather than just approving overspends.


Authorised by Bruce Argyle, 36 Old Fernshaw Road, Healesville 3777