Maternity services are critical

There have been many stories being shared around the community about having babies at Healesville and how wonderful the team, services and community feel to birthing used to be. To understand one moving story read Importance of Maternity Services

More in the hospital campaign

Our local GPs have a strong voice in the push to maintain, revive and expand our health services. Read From a Doctors perspective

Meeting with Board of Eastern Health

The Save Healesville Hospital Community Group met with members of the Board of Eastern Health last week. Read our submission at this meeting – SHHCG_EH Board Presentation_200213

What should we spend our energy and money on?

The development of the 2013 – 2017 Council Plan is happening! For those not aware this is the key document outlining what we commit to deliver in the next 4 years. It is so important that everyone has their say about what is important and what should be our priorities. To make your voice heard take 5 minutes to fill in the survey

Healesville Hospital Action Group

Activity continues in the build up to the meeting with the EH Board on the 20th February. To read the groups submission to EH regarding the Clinical Services Plan click here

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