Learning & Libraries

Libraries and places of learning are critical to our community, our economy, in supporting local business and youth.

The closing of the Swinburne Lilydale campus is a terrible blow to our shire. The knock on effect of this closure will be felt widely in our shire whether it be lack of critical skills and staff available for employers, lack of affordable education and training options (and therefore job options) for our young people and potential reduction of population as young people are required to move out of the area to access education. While the decision is out of Council’s hands they must play a lead role in advocating to ensure future use of the site is appropriate and ideally offers education opportunities as well as in supporting all affected industries within our shire.

Libraries should be friendly community meeting spots and places for learning. We need more funding to resource our libraries. The new Healesville library has great staff but is not a welcoming place and has so few books and computer terminals my children don’t even want to go there anymore. This needs to change and the council Library Strategy doesn’t seem to even acknowledge this issue let alone list a strategy and actions to deal with it.

Authorised by Bruce Argyle, 36 Old Fernshaw Road, Healesville 3777