Planning Reform

We to ensure common sense and helpfulness in the council planning processes with a focus on understanding what applicants want to achieve. Unfortunately the planning experience still can be frustrating and expensive and I am committed to continuing to focus on and empties their pockets with requests for excessive expert reports. The times when requests for additional information, consultants and expert advice are made and the advice then ignored is unacceptable.

We need to support people building in the bush. We need to support businesses and industry. Simple, clear, affordable planning processes – that is what is needed. There needs to be confidence among the business community to retain their investment in our areas and getting the balance right to maintain our beautiful valley. If re-elected then I will be seeking planning reform where there is commonsense interpretation of policy is the focus rather than control and enforcement.

Authorised by Bruce Argyle, 36 Old Fernshaw Road, Healesville 3777