Planning Reform

We need common sense and helpfulness in the council planning department, not a negative attitude that focuses on the reasons why not rather than how. Most people I speak to have  had a planning experience that frustrates, makes them angry and empties their pockets with needing unnecessary expert reports. The requests for additional information, consultants and expert advice that is then often ignored is unacceptable. See the recent planning decision made at Council – Tuesday  where the officer recommendation was to ignore CFA expert advice and refuse a permit to build on safety grounds. Luckily for once Council stepped in and made the decision and a compromise was reached – although still at significant cost to the applicant who has to build a bunker.

We need to support people building in the bush. We need to support businesses and industry. We don’t need planning processes that mean it takes 2 years to get a permit to build a barn or relocate a bus depot. We need to encourage planning for a retirement villages in our areas, not put that outcome at risk due to concerns about losing a few trees. There needs to be confidence among the business community to retain their investment in our areas. If elected then I will be seeking planning reform where COMMONSENSE interpretation of policy is the focus rather than control and enforcement.

Authorised by Bruce Argyle, 36 Old Fernshaw Road, Healesville 3777