The Media Asks…

The following questions were posed by some of the local papers. Fiona responds as follows:


Have you run for council/ been a councillor before, or any other level of government? If so, please list details (where, when, length of time, etc).

Yes, I have been the Ryrie Ward Councillor for 4 years including a term as Mayor. I have however in my own business worked with councils across the state for the past 12 years with a focus on improving performance for each council’s communities. This work  involves working with Councillors, senior officers and staff and has given me the opportunity to see great things being done in other councils. My work also means I have strong, up to date understanding of local government finance, governance, policy and strategy development and most importantly of what it really means to consult with and engage your community. I have also spent several years working for the MAV the peak body of councils which has given me strong networks and will help me achieve outcomes for our communities. (115 words- too many)


Are you/have you been a member of a political party? If yes, which party? If no, with which party do you most identify?

No. I am a truly independent candidate unaffiliated and unaligned with any party, industry sector or association. I am sincerely committed to seeking the views of and representing all individuals, communities and sectors if elected to Council.


Are you or have you ever been a member of a political interest or lobby group?



If you are elected, will you commit to remaining a Councillor for the whole term?

Yes, I am fully committed to serving the full term and do understand the significant dedication and amount of time required in the role.


What is your campaign budget? Who is funding your campaign?

I am providing all the funding for my own campaign and do not have a budget as such. I have prepared leaflets and flyers myself with the support of my husband and my expenditure depends on what I have available week to week.



Describe your involvement in the local community.

CFA, Fire Safe Kids, Board Member Healesville Indigenous Community Service Association, Habitat for Humanity, Good Friday Appeal collector, support for neighbours during and following Black Saturday, YRC Bushfire Recovery Community Advisory Committee, hosted International Women’s Day Event for Yarra Valley Community,


What do you think being a Councillor involves?

Actively representing all communities within the ward and across the shire (listening, consulting, involving and acting) in terms of priorities and issues, feeding back information from council to ensure the communities in my ward are kept informed, advocating on behalf of the community


What do you think are the most important issues for your ward?

Community consultation & engagement, planning reform, lower rate rises, community set priorities in terms of spending, bushfire protection and safety, health and well being with a strong focus on recreation and inclusion of people with disability.





Should the urban growth boundary be extended further in the Yarra Ranges? What sort of development would you allow?

I do not believe extension of urban growth boundaries is the solution to population growth and affordable housing but do believe that Yarra Ranges Council does play a key role in tackling and resolving these issues. What I do think is the more important question is: Is the current approach at the officer and policy level to planning within our shire having a strong negative impact on our communities, sustainable growth, the local economy, and our physical and natural environment? Yes! I support development and appropriate controls but ones that are based on commonsense, allow for considered urban growth and are applied consistently.



Authorised by Bruce Argyle, 36 Old Fernshaw Road, Healesville 3777